Getting Involved

So this wiki is maintained by the community, so if you want to help keep this wiki upto date, get involved and help keep the wiki up to date

How to get involved

First create an account, once you have created an account you will be redirected to a verification page. At present we will only be verifying people who are known within the trans community or vouched for by another known trans person within the community. We believe that this is the best way to keep the wiki clean from spam & hate speech.


Once you have created an account you will be redirected to a verification page, write a little bit about you, the names of anyone who can vouch for you and any social/support groups that you attend. Basically give us enough to verify that you are a trans person within the local community.

Making Changes

Once verified, you will be given access to the edit page function, this allows you to make changes to various pages. Please note that any changes will need to be verified by a moderator before becoming available to non-registered users.

Neutrality, Politics & Drama

Please try and keep any updates releatively neautral, free from politics/drama, and self promotion. I'm really happy for both positive and negative criticisms of groups/services but please do remember we are all on the same team and any service that cators to trans people should be treated with respect and given kudos for helping the community.

I really do not want this website to be a political or promoting change, there are many groups that already fill that space. Instead, I want a place where we can signpost people to the appropriate groups/services and allow limited open discussion/useful information about those groups.

When updating a page, just think if I was new to the area, what information would I find useful, and go from there.


If you are relatively technical, and want to get involved in helping to moderate this website, just let me know via the contact form. I will personally check on updates periodically, but ultimately I want this page to be fully managed by the community.

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