Sahir House (Previously THM)

Sahir House run a monthly trans support group, it is hosted by Kath Charters at Sahir House, the local HIV and sexual health charity.

It used to be known as THM (Trans Health Merseyside) but has recently been forced to rebrand. New name pending. The service was initially started back in 2016 by Intrust Organisation (now known as CMagic Organisation) and delivered by Sahir house however Intrust only funded the service for the first two years, after that Sahir house have been self-funding the service. In 2023 it was decided to break away from the CMagic organisation since no funding was been provided by them and attempt to find funding themselves. As part of this split CMagic made it clear that the brand THM belonged to them, so Sahir house are creating a new service to replace it. The members who attend and the person who runs it remains the same, its just that the sahir house can now bid for funding to support the service.

It is an amazing group and is generally the most popular of all the support groups in Liverpool. The sessions focus on people rather than campaigns or activities and any negative conversations are skilfully diverted by Kath so you generally come away from the meetings in a positive mindset.

They also generally have guest speakers, who come in and talk about various topics. In the past there have been guest speakers talking about adoption, hair removal, name changes, legal stuff, surgery, workplaces, police crime reporting, and various other topics. Each guest speaker has been vetted and generally provides a valuable insight.

The group is an 18+ group and aimed at trans people only. In some cases people's partners may attend the first session as emotional support but this will need to be confirmed with Kath prior to the session.

When & Where

It generally takes place on the third tuesday of the month. It is hosted by Sahir House at its offices in the LCVS Building, 151 Dale Street, Liverpool (near the entrance to the Birkenhead Tunnel). Sessions start at 6pm and finish at 8pm. There is free parking opposite Sahir House after 6pm.

With Covid most sessions are also conducted via zoom, although it is highly recommended to come in person as you generally get the social side of things as well. New participants must register before attendance. Contact Kath Charters for more details (see below)

Sahir House

Sahir House is an organization that primarily provides support for people who are HIV positive and attempts to increase awareness of HIV and its prevention. They are a really friendly group and while they are not trans, they are from another minority community and have experience counselling and providing group sessions.

How to get in touch

T: 0151 237 3989

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