Trans Day of Remembrance

A local Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR), also known as the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, is usually held on/or near the 20th of November each year. TDoR is allows us to pay homage and remember the trans people who are no longer with us who have lost their lives either due to violence or suicide.

There can be a few TDoR events throughout the city, hosted by different organisations. It is important to remember that each event can be different, and have a different flavour.

TDoR by Liverpool Trans

Generally this event has a few guest speakers, and a candle lit vigil.

It is currently hosted by the museum of Liverpool at albert docks. It is hosted inside, and in a controlled and secure environment away from the general public, although anyone is welcome to attend.

It can be a rather sad event as it does deal with and highlight the deaths/and violence against trans people. However it does have quite a high number of attendees as it can be viewed as a day to show respect for our fallen brothers & sisters.

TDoR by The Socialist Society (The university of Liverpool)

This event has a slight protest vibe, and its quite common to see trans protest placards demanding trans rights. This event also slightly more politically focused.

It is held outside the students guild at the university of Liverpool.

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