Spirit Level

Spirit Level is a transgender peer-to-peer support group in Liverpool.

It has been around a long time, and has a new leader nominated each year.

Its meetings are mostly about various political issues, discussions on how things can be improved within the community, and how we can create a better environment for trans people in the Liverpool region. Examples of past discussions and initiatives include: combating the TERFs and Gender-Critical people, engaging with institutions like the police, NHS, local council and so on. It has also recently taken on the leadership of the Trans Day of Visibility 2023 organizing group.

After meetings, people generally go to a pub where many one-to-one conversations take place.

Spirit Level is a great way of meeting other trans people and making new friends. It is also a great way of discovering yourself.

The group mainly discusses the issues facing the trans community in Liverpool but will happily discuss more personal things like hate crime, access to hormones and other clinical services, feminization and so on. It is mostly trans-women who attend but is open to transmen and those who are intersex, gender-fluid, -curious or incongruent.

The group has also started to reach out for guest speakers.

Where & When

Spirit Level meet every two weeks on Wednesday evenings from 7pm-9pm. They currently meet in Room 3.02, Third Floor, LJMU Student Life Building at the top of Copperas Hill, which is near Liverpool Lime Street station. The people staffing the reception are very accepting so you can just turn up and say you are going to the Spirit Level meeting (you may be asked to sign in but don't have to use your real name unless you want to!)

LJMU Student Life Building, Copperas Hill, L3 5GE

How to get in touch

Meeting are generally organized via the facebook group. You can also email spirit.level@yahoo.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spirit.leveltranssupportgroup/

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