Getting Started

So you may be questioning your gender and asking the almighty question, “Am I Trans?”, or you may just be looking for support groups or/and social groups to connect with the wider community.

Well this website contains a lot of information about what is available for trans people in the merseyside/liverpool area. Read through it at your leisure.

So the first bit of advice, ignore the medical sections, focus on figuring out who you are and your mental health! Attend one of the many support groups and meet other trans women/men.

As an anecdote: A person once went to their doctor, they weren't feeling well, they knew something was wrong with themselves but had no idea what. The doctor asked the usual questions and sent off for a load of blood tests. A few weeks later the person went back to the doctor, “The test results are back, you have diabetes, here is the treatment plan and how we move forward”. The first step, is identify the problem, determine what you are, and only once you know what you are can you move forward.

The same applies for being trans, figure out what you are, figure out your goals, only once you know that can you move forward.

Lastly remember you are never alone, it can be a scary world but you have peers in the community who can relate, and have most likely had similar experiences to yourself. Learn from others and find your own little path.

Things to try

So if you are in the early stages of things, still in the closet or just trying to figure out your first steps, why not try some of the below?

  • Try experimenting with different names, what name would you want people to call you? Its okay to change your mind on this, a name is very personal and it can be quite common to go through several names until you find one that works for you. A useful thing to do is to try out different names at costa/starbucks, simply give your chosen name and see how it feels been called with that name.
  • Try going non-binary, for some people, this can be a way of dipping your toe into things without going all the way, for others this can be an end game.
  • Experiment with mannerisms, and voice. These are not something that happen overnight, but something you work on over a number of years. It can help you come to terms with things and transition slightly easier.
  • Come out to close friends, (if you feel comfortable doing so), alternatively try coming out to people at one of the local support or social groups.
  • Experiment with your sexuality, while gender identity is totally separate to sex, for some people sexuality can change as they transition, also just like gender identity sexual identity can be repressed, so it can be worthwhile experimenting or just simply asking yourself the question.

Things to try for Trans-Women

So a few extra things to try if your a trans women:

  • Try shaving all hair below your head and seeing how that makes you feel.
  • Try nail polish, often you can paint your toes, and no-one other than yourself will see them.
  • Experiment with makeup & clothes in the comfort of your own home, you don't need to leave the house if you are not comfortable.
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