CMagic is a pilot localised version of the GIC. It is a service that can provide NHS authorised hrt, diagnoisis, therapy, hair removal funding, speech therapy, and surgery referals to nhs surgeons. It is only available for people who are currently register with a GIC and are register to a GP in liverpool and the surrounding area.

Waiting Times

Waiting times are about 12 months as of april 2022. The service is significantly faster than the GICs, with subsequent appointments being releatively quick and people getting through the entire CMagic process in under a year, (in comparison the GICS can take a year to get your initial diagnosis and 3-4 years for a surgery referal)

If you get an invite to switch to CMagic, it is highly recommended that you accept it.

How to get in touch

You cannot apply directly to CMagic, it is an invite only service. Invites are sent out to people who are registered to a gp in the liverpool region, and are currently on a GIC waiting list but are yet to have their first appointment. Once you have had an appointment at the GIC, you can no longer be transfered over to CMagic

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